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Roch Mechatronics Inc. Bench-Top steam sterilizer are an ideal solution for industrial, Pharma, Biotech, Mediacal research, Hospital , Diagonostic applications.
Automatic Temperature Control System to offer more stable and reliable sterilization service Electronic/Micro-Processor/PID/Digital Control of System all of the working programs are set-up in micro-process system. Just push selection button
Self-Test System Before operation, self-test mode diagnose whether the function is good work. And when the malfunction occur in the Operating, self-test mode beep, display "ER" and "NUMBER" and stop all the function in the same time

Dry System F.A.S.E (Fully Automatic Steam Ejection) system, used the hot air, dry completely. Safety Device
Safety Valve prevents occurring overpressure in chamber, Thermostat prevents occurring overheating and Normal Open Solenoid Valve makes equal the pressure of chamber and atmosphere. Nulti-Display Monitor
Bio-Gene's autoclave pressure displays the present state in analog, and the temperature & Time display setting valve and present state in digital. Sterilizing process (Lock, Fill, Heat, Ster, Vent, Dry, End.) displays cycle display lamp.
Easy maintenance without disassembly
Only push botton, Could check the heater and the air Pump and remove of obstacle in the solenoid valve. Also avaliable analog control.

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