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Double walled, inner made of stainless steel 304 quality, outer made of thick best quality mild steel the surface of which is primer coated for anti rusting and is duly white stoves powder coated paint. Insulation between inner and outer wall is one with 75 mm thick glass wool to prevent any heat loss. Inner chamber is provided with 2/3 nos. perforated stainless steel shelves with ribs to adjust the shelves at desirable height, provided with double door, inner made of hick transparent full view glass and outer door is double walled metallic properly insulated with glass wool and also provided with door operated illumination lamp. Whole unit is mounted on castor wheels. Colling is done with ISI mark compressor of KRLOSKAR made which is connected to thick copper coils placed in the rear of the chamber through condenser, fan motor, capacitor, relay etc. whole cooling unit is placed below the main chamber in a GL housing CFC free. Environment friendly.

Size Inside chamber : (W X D X H)
610 MM X 455 MM X 410 MM 4 cu.ft. ,
830 MM X 505 MM X 515 MM 6.1cu.ft. ,
875 MM X 570 MM X 550 MM 10 cu.ft ,
900 MM X 650 MM X 580 MM 12 cu.ft ,
900MM X 700 MM X 650 MM 15 cu.ft
The following optional arrangements can be made in each model of BOD incubator.
1.BOD incubator with interior illumination with 3 number fluorescent tube of 60 mm length placed vertically along the back wall. Minimum temperature can be obtained from 100C to 500C when all the tubes are on at the extra. This arrangement cannot be made in 4 cu. Ft. BOD Incubator
2 BOD incubator incorporated with timer 0-24 hours for regulating cyclic illumination condition at extra cost.
3 -do- battery backup.
4 Exterior lighting with 2 tubes lights on each side.
5 Humidity control from ambient to 90% by humidistat at extra cost.
6 digital humidity indicator cum controller.
7 shaking machine cab be fitted inside the BOD with variable speed by regulator.
8 voltage stabilizer 2 KVA at extra cost.
9 Micro processor based P.I.D controller can be provided instead ofElectronic Digital Temperature indicator-cum-controlle.r
10 BOD incubator for incubation in CO2/Air Co, Mixture.

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