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PCR DNA Engine

The single-bay DNA Engine cycler, the namesake of the family, was the first cycler to provide a high level of thermal performance with swappable blocks and a compact design. The DNA Engine cycler can be converted to a DNA Engine Opticon 2 system, dedicated to two-color real-time PCR, or it can be used with the swappable Chromo4 four-color real-time PCR detector.

All thermal cyclers in the DNA Engine family offer:

  • 10 interchangeable Alpha unit formats designed for easy, frequent change.
  • Independently controlled dual blocks for running 2 protocols simultaneously .
  • Gradient capability with 96-well Alpha units.
  • feedback control that uses multiple sensors and 4 heating and cooling zones to ..optimize temperature profiles .
  • Excellent temperature accuracy and uniformity .
  • 2 temperature control options: block control or calculated control .
  • Adjustable heated lids that accommodate many vessel types and various sealing .options



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