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Laminar Air Flow Clean Bench Cabinet


  • Roch Mechatronics Inc Laminar air folw clean bench Cabinet are designed for application includes industrial, Pharma, Biotech, Mediacal research applications.

    • Select from Vertical and Horizontal Type
    • 99.97% Particle Removal Class 100 HEPA Filter
    • Microprocessor PID/Digital/Manual Controlled.
    • Back Light Display.
    • Air Velocity Control.
    • UV, FL Lamp.
    • Filter Replacement Warning Lamp.
    Roch Mechatronics class 100 HEPA Filter removes 99.97% of 0.3 µm particle
    Microprocessor/PID/Digital Controller with back light , air velocity control, 99 hour 59 min timer, filter replacement warning lamp
    Slide Type Door with acrylic/tempered safety glass, durable powder coated body and stainless steel work table
    Silent Vibration-Free Blower ensure noiseless operation and anti-vibration construction provides efficient working environment
    Built-In Lamps and Utilities UV and Fluorescent Lamp, air and gas cock, power consent
    worktable: Granite/wood/S Steel.

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