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Shaking Machine Kahn Type


Roch Mechatronics Inc. introduced world's best Shaking Machine Kahn Type. It is general-purpose machine and found very useful for mixing or agitation ingredients, solution in flasks, bottles, beakers and Kahn racks etc. Upper tray covered with rubber floor and sides of the tray are slotted to take parallel and cross bars cover with rubber to hold flasks, bottles beakers, Kahn racks etc. The bars are tightened with washers and fly nuts can be adjusted as per the requirement. Cycles single phase. .
The machine can accommodate Kahn racks, bottles or flasks of different sizes by adjusting the compartments with the help of rods supplied with the machine. Fitted with ¼ HP motor and having mechanical adjustments for adjusting the motion.
Number of oscillations fixed at 280 +/- 5 oscillations per minute. Supplied complete with top platform rods, ON/OFF switch, plug and cord. Power Requirements, To work on 200/220 volts, single phase, 50 Hz, AC supply.


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