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Table Top Freezer Dryer Lyophilizer

Roch Mechatronics Inc. Freez dryer Lyophilizer is a result of 20 years of development of the compact design that's permits maximal utilization of the space in experimental chamber as well as easy of translocation.
Utilizing a high capacity semi-closed freezing compressor, it maximizes the collecting capability of the cold trap while the installation of a super vacuum pump also maximizes the movement of moisture, a heat medium, enhancing the capacity of the freeze dryer.

FREEZ DRYER Lyophilizer
From drying to defrosting, the comfortable function of one touch operation make it easy to operate.
It is equipped with an automated purge system to protect samples by preventing of counter-flow of vacuum pump oil.
Safety valve function
At times of dissolving in vacuum via a valve to collect the sample in flask after freeze-drying, it has been safely designed and manufactured to prevent contamination of the samples by inserting sterile air or nitrogen gas.
Freeze Dryer Lyophilizer For Acid Use
It provides a safe design and the complete protecting for the Teflon-coated drying chamber, drying chamber and collecting section from the acid safe and practical by installing a corrosion-proof pump.

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