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Roch Mechatronics Inc. Enviromental Chamber are backed up by 20 years of strong hard core exprience.
• Temperature Range from - 40°C to 150°C, Relative Humidity from 20% to 98 %
• 5 Inch Touch Screen Type, 300 Patterns, 3000 Segments Programmable Controller
• Dual Turbo Fan Circulation and Fluorescent Lamp
• Low Water Level Alarm System
• Built-In RS-485 Communication Interface
• Optional Temperature/Humidity Chart Recorder without Microprocessor/PID/Digital Control with touch-screen type controller provides precise temperature control from - 40°C to 150°C, relative humidity control from 20% to 98%, timer, alarm, auto-tunning and auto stat stop function

Programmable Controller 300 pattern, 3000 segment, 999 cycle large capacity program controller, various alarm function, self-diagnostic, high accuracy with 0.1%,
Built-In RS-485 Interface enables the chamber easily hook-up to personal computer
Silent Dual Turbo Fan motor circulate air and maintain uniforms temperature in the chamber and quiet operation and auto-defrost function
Safety and Convenience over temperature and current protection capability ensure user safety and adjustable sliding rack
Sliding Water Storage Tank and automatic water supplying device.

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